Sergey Brin Clarifies His Stance On Internet Freedom

Posted Apr 18, 2012

Google co-founder Sergey Brin wrote a Google+ post that clarified some of the details in his interview with The Guardian over the weekend. “My thoughts got particularly distorted in the secondary coverage in a way that distracts from my central tenets so I think they are worth clarifying here.” Brin said that he believes the biggest threat to Internet freedom is government filtering of political dissent. He said that the U.S. has come close to adopting similar techniques to combat piracy and other vices, which could be misguided and dangerous.

“I have much admiration for two of the companies we discussed — Apple and Facebook. I have always admired Apple?s products. In fact, I am writing this post on an Imac and using an Apple keyboard I have cherished for the past seven years. Likewise, Facebook has helped to connect hundreds of millions of people, has been a key tool for political expression and has been instrumental to the Arab Spring. Both have made key contributions to the free flow of information around the world,” said Brin. The Guardian portrayed Brin as saying that Facebook and Apple’s walled gardens are a threat to Internet freedom.

Brin added that regardless of how you feel about digital ecosystems or about Google, “please do not take the free and open Internet for granted from government intervention.”