Sergey Brin Discusses Google Glass On TEDTalks

Posted May 19, 2013

In one the most recent TEDTalks, Google co-founder Sergey Brin discussed why his team at the company wanted to build Google Glass, the gadget with an eye-mounted camera and computer built into a pair of glasses.  Brin opened up his speech with a joke by looking at his mobile phone and saying that he was sorry for looking at an e-mail from a Nigerian prince that needs help getting $10 million.  Brin said “I like paying attention to these because that’s how we originally funded the company and it’s gone pretty well.”

He went on to explain that people constantly looking down at their phones is one of the biggest reasons why Google Glass was created.  Brin pointed out that using a phone leads you into “socially isolating yourself” and you are out there “just rubbing this featureless piece of glass.”  Brin said that the goal was to develop a product that frees up your hands and eyes.

“My vision when we started Google 15 years ago was that eventually you wouldn’t have to have a search query at all.  You just have information come to you as you needed it.  This is now 15 years later, this is the first form factor that can deliver that vision when you are out and about in the street talking to people,” Brin added.

The project started around two years ago and it was important to make the product comfortable.  The initial prototypes were very heavy and it felt like a cellphone was strapped to your head.  Brin also said that the early prototypes did not have a camera.

Check out Brin’s TEDTalks video below: