Sells For $770,000 and For $124,000 On Sedo

Posted Aug 4, 2009

Sedo currently has about 11.5 million domain names listed for sale, but two major recent transactions have standed out from the rest. sold for $770,000 and there is no content on the website. is just displaying the GoDaddy parked page as of right now.  However the domain name receives 12,000 unique visitors per month anyway. sold for $124,337. is currently forward to  Originally forwarded to before being sold.  Considering we have been in tough economic times, I am impressed by these numbers.

But it appears that domain names are becoming a hot commodity once again. sold for a couple million and so did  Toys “R” Us bought for $5.1 million.  And G&J Holdings bought for $3 million.

[via TechCrunch/DomainNameWire]