Sesame Street Does An Apple Dance

Posted Oct 5, 2009

Sesame Street does a very good job of staying current. I remember as I was growing up, Sesame Street attempted to find ways to keep the audience appealed even as they were growing. When I was kid I remember just caring about learning how to count with The Count and how to control greed with Cookie Monster. As I grew up and became more into sports, I noticed that David Robinson was in an episode of Sesame Street and taught Big Bird how to tie his shoe.

Now Sesame Street is taking a page out of Apple’s book by using an iPod-inspired video to encourage people to dance. Apple takes their marketing very seriously so I would not be surprised if this video clip had to clear the company’s legal department.

Jimmy Kimmel made a Sesame Street spoof where Ernie and Cookie Monster explained the Bernie Madoff scheme back in March and it went viral on YouTube, reaching nearly one million views.