Sharing Files On Google Drive Just Became Easier

Posted May 7, 2013

The Google Drive desktop app has been updated to make sharing files easier on PCs and Macs.  Now you can share files by right-clicking on a file and selecting “share” from the Google Drive submenu.  The files that you select will need to be in your Google Drive folder.  The Google Drive team wrote on Google+ that this feature will be rolling out in the next few days.

Google Drive is a file storage and sync service that Google launched in April 2012.  The service offers cloud storage and collaborative editing.  The collaborative editing feature is powered by Google Docs, which allows you to edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Google Drive gives users 5GB of free cloud storage to start with.  Users can get additional storage, which can be shared with Picasa.  Additional storage options range from 25GB to 16TB through a paid monthly subscription.  It costs $2.49 per month for 25GB.

If you want to access your files even when you are offline, you can click “More” on the left-hand side of the screen and select “Offline Docs” when using the Google Chrome browser.  You will be taken to the Chrome web store.  Click on “Add to Chrome” on the upper-right corner of the browser window.  After the app is installed, you will be taken to a Chrome page with the Google Drive app icon.  Click the icon and then click on the blue button that says “Enable offline.”