Sharp is building cheaper 4K HDTVs, announces ‘Quattron’ pixel-splitting features

Posted Jan 7, 2014

Sharp has announced a new set of televisions with 4K resolutions. The new Sharp Aquos 4K Ultra HD series will be available in 60 inches and 70 inches, which features 2160p. The 60 inch retails for $4,999.99 and the 70 inches retails for $5,999.99. This is quite a price drop because Sharp previously sold their 70-inch 4K TV set for $7,499.99 in September.


Sharp has also updated their Quattron technology, which adds yellow sub pixels to the standard RGB. The new Sharp Quattron+ (Q+) TVs splits every single pixel in half, which gives the 1080p sets a total of 16 million sub pixels. This is 10 million more subpixels than the average 1080p TV set.

Sharp uses pixel mapping, which means that the red and blue subpixels are shared between the neighboring pixels while the brighter green and blue subpixels are associated with their own unique pixel, according to The Verge.