Shazam Hits 1 Billion Songs Identified Through 75 Million Users

Posted May 18, 2010

The most popular music identification service Shazam has hit 1 billion song recognitions. These recognitions were made through 75 million of Shazam’s users. Shazam CEO Andrew Fisher predicts that they will hit 100 million users by the end of the year.

Shazam started back in 2002 and is based in London, England. Shazam became extremely powerful when their service became available on mobile devices. Shazam’s application lets you identify a song by simply making it listen to a 30 second clip and it is very accurate. The 1 billionth song that was identified was Gettin’ Over by David Guetta featuring Chris Willis.

Shazam announced that they were profitable in October 2009. Their investors include Accel, DN Capital, Kleiner Perkins, and Acacia Capital Partners. [TechCrunch Europe]