Shazam Hits 250 Million Users

Posted Sep 18, 2012

Shazam is known for identifying music through mobile devices and now they can tag TV episodes.  Shazam works on all shows on 160 channels in the U.S. except for some local programming.  When watching a show and tagging it with Shazam, it may pull up the show’s information on IMDb and Wikipedia.

When “Shazaming” a sports broadcast, you may get the scores and stats related to the teams or the game.  Shazam chief revenue officer Doug Garland said that the “much richer experience” will encourage users to return to the app.

Users will be able to like and comment on the tags in-app on Facebook.  First time users will be able to log in through their Facebook account.  Around 250 million people have used Shazam thus far.