Shazam Is Creating A New Shazam Player App [UPDATED]

Posted Jan 11, 2012

Shazam is preparing to launch a new app called the Shazam Player. The original Shazam music tagging app has been downloaded about 165 million times since 2008. The Shazam Player app will have synced lyrics (LyricPlay), social sharing, bios, smart playlists, etc.

?This is a replacement for the music player on iOS devices. We have great technology and features we can wrap around any track, but it?s been so far limited to music you can discover out and about. We thought we?d bring the feature set and technology to music you have on the device already,? stated Shazam EVP of marketing David L. Jones.

The LyricPlay feature allows users to pull up lyrics for many popular songs in their own library. There are about 50,000 songs available for LyricPlay, which requires licenses from the rights owners. Shazam Player will feature social sharing on Twitter and Facebook. Check out a demo video of Shazam player below:

Update: Edited the article to reflect that Shazam Player is a new app rather than a replacement after being contacted by Shazam’s PR.