Sherpa Application For Android Gives You Location-Based Suggestions Based On Your Preferences

Posted Aug 7, 2009

On of the most popular applications on the Google Android Market is called Sherpa. The application was developed by a company called Geodelic.  Sherpa uses location-based data to provide contextual suggestions for Android users. The application uses a learning system by the name of GENIE (Geodelic ENgine for Interest Evaluation) to learns a find out a user’s favorite locations.

For example, if the user enjoys eating more than shopping, Sherpa will recommend more restaurants than retail stores. The application uses the GPS on the phone to make the recommendations. The recommendations are given in a carousel view as shown in the screenshot above, but the view can also be switched to a map view.  The results can be filtered by type such as groceries, restaurants, banks, theaters, coffee shops, etc.

Franchises listed in the application generally have more information and reviews than the mom-and-pop shops.  However the mom-and-pop shops also have the company’s address and directions available.  There is also a search option that allows users to discover the pre-populated lists of services and establishments.