Shoe and Tech Company Partner To Create GPS Shoes For Alzheimer’s Patients

Posted Jun 14, 2009

Technology company Aetrex and shoe company GTX are two companies that are getting together to resolve a problem that Alzheimer’s patients tend to have.  Many Alzheimer’s patients tend to suffer from “critical wandering incidents.”  About 60% of Alzheimer’s patients have found themselves in this type of incident at some point in their life.

“The technology will provide the location of the individual wearing the shoes within 30 feet, anywhere on the planet,” stated George Mason University assistant professor Andrew Carle.  Carle assisted with the project.  Carle said that embedding a GPS into shoes works pretty well because Alzheimer’s patients tend to remove unfamiliar objects from their bodies, but remembering to get dressed is one of the last few memories that they have.

The shoes can even have a “geo-fence” feature activated.  A concerned party will have the ability to be notified to a home phone number, cellphone number, or e-mail sent when a boundary is crossed by the patient.

“The shoe we intend on developing with Aetrex should help authorised family members, friends, or caretakers reduce their stress and anguish by enabling them to locate their loved ones instantly with the click of a mouse,” stated Chris Walsh, COO of GTX.

[via Gizmodo/ABC.NET]