Shoutfit: Media Community for the Fashion Connoisseurs

Posted Mar 5, 2007

Shoutfit is another interesting company that presented at SF Beta according to Pulse 2.0 Silicon Valley correspondent, Mo Kakwan. The company is powered by Y-Combinator.

Registration for the website is quick and easy. You choose a username, fill in your e-mail address, select a gender, confirm your age, and type in a password.

Then you create a profile with your city, hometown, country, and timezone information. You are also asked to upload a picture via your hard drive, a direct URL, or a link from Flickr.

After that you choose your living style such as who is your favorite brands and designers, favorite stores, and favorite colors. Shoutfit also allows you to check to see what contacts you have in your e-mail by typing your e-mail address (Gmail or Yahoo).

Every user can join a trend. Examples of trends include “Stunna Shades,” “Scarves!,” “Asia Street Fashion (Japan, China, Korean, etc.).” Every user can create a trend and add friends as well. There is a feature called My Closet where you can upload or add pictures of items from your outfit. Every user can add items that they find on the Shoutfit website to their Wish List. There are also Advice Forums and also a Which Should I Wear feature.

While it appears that the Shoutfit is still in the maturing stage in the world of Web 2.0, I could definitely see the potential of such an idea. There are close to a 1,000 members on the website and is continuously growing.

Additional info: Upon talking to Mo more about the idea , I learned that he actually spoke to the founder of Shoutfit, Eric Seidl.  Mo learned that Shoutfit is slightly based on the idea of how Flickr users upload pictures of themselves in new outfits and mention where they buy the new clothes and accessories.  Seidl realized that there could be a revenue model around this idea and the potential to make affiliates.