Shutterfly Has Acquired BorrowLenses

Posted Oct 25, 2013

Shutterfly is an online photo service that has acquired BorrowLenses.  BorrowLenses will allow Shutterfly to offer photo and video equipment rental services.  The terms of the deal was undisclosed. 

BorrowLenses resonates with photographers and videographers that need camera lenses, video cameras, and multimedia equipment for a short amount of time. 

BorrowLenses can pick what they need from the website and pick up the equipment at a BorrowLenses retailer.  They can also receive the equipment through FedEx.  This enables the borrowers to test out the equipment before making a large purchase as well.

“BorrowLenses addresses the growing consumer demand for high-quality products and services that are delivered on demand without high up-front costs,” stated Jeffrey Housenbold, president and CEO of Shutterfly. “BorrowLenses is a perfect addition to the Shutterfly Inc. family of lifestyle brands, as they are the premium provider in the photo equipment rental category and are passionate about helping their customers capture moments by providing them with best in class photography and video equipment.”

BorrowLenses is available in 9 states: California, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Virginia, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Washington. BorrowLenses is also available in Washington D.C.  The orders will continue to be delivered and they will continue to operate at full capacity.