Shutterstock Inc (SSTK) launches music licensing service

Posted May 20, 2014

Shutterstock Inc (NYSE:SSTK) has launched a new music licensing service that starts with 60,000 tracks from Rumblefish. The new music licensing service is called Shutterstock Music. This is an expansion beyond Shutterstock’s photography and video offerings.

Generally big media companies can afford to license hit songs for movies or commercials, but small businesses don’t know how to legally use music. Users can search the Shutterstock library for a track that could be used for online marketing videos. The businesses can pay for a broad license with prices that start at around $49 with a temporary promotion and $79 after that.

The music tracks can be browsed based on mood, genre, and tempo. Each track comes with descriptive tags. The partnership with Rumblefish enabled Shutterstock Music to offer 60,000 tracks at launch. The service will be opened to other contributors soon.