SideCar Acquires Heyride

Posted Feb 14, 2013

SideCar is an on-demand ride sharing service that has acquired the assets of Austin, Texas based rival Heyride.  SideCar uses smartphones to connect drivers that have a car with people that need a ride.  The acquisition will help SideCar build their operational presence in Austin, Texas in time for the SXSW 2013 conference.

SideCar is popular in San Francisco and Seattle with over 100,000 connected rides.  The company will start rides in Austin, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia this weekend.  They are also recruiting drivers in New York, Chicago, Washington, DC and Boston.

“We’ve heard from people across the country and around the world that they want the SideCar community to take root in their cities and towns,” stated SideCar CEO Sunil Paul. “Heyride’s talented team has developed a unique design and experience that will help take the rideshare movement we started here in San Francisco nationwide. We are thrilled to welcome Heyride to the SideCar family.”

Heyride’s user experience and design team are joining SideCar’s product team.  Heyride assets include an iPhone application for ride-sharing available at  Heyride was founded in 2012 and it was created out of frustration with the limited transportation options for the SXSW festival.