Silverback Learning Raises $2.5 Million

Posted Jun 13, 2013

Silverback Learning is an online education company that helps improve student outcomes by increasing the learning capacity for educators, students, and parents through data-driven instruction and collaborative cultures.

Silverback records information based on a student’s progress and helps determine individualized learning path.  This is essential considering that every student has their own unique learning style.

Silverback has a cloud-based platform called Mileposts.  It is a full Response to Intervention (RtI) management solution that helps teachers make collaborative and informed decisions at the point of instruction.  Mileposts aggregates student roster and demographic information from school information systems and combines that data with assessment data.

Silverback announced on Wednesday that they have raised $2.5 million from several angel investors.  Silverback was founded by former school superintendent Jim Lewis.

Silverback pays royalties to their founding school district and they have signed deals with 80 school districts across 13 states, according to GigaOM.  The company plans to use the funding primarily to scale nationwide and deepen their partnerships with LinkIt and Gooru.