Simon Cowell Works With Sony On X Headphones

Posted Sep 11, 2012

Sony Corporation has worked with Simon Cowell to build the X Headphones.  Cowell is one of the judges on The X Factor and American Idol.  The headphones have high-quality sound.  The headphones were designed with noise isolation and has exceptional bass response.

Sony uses 50mm drivers to deliver full-range audio capable of high-quality playback.  The headphones have memory foam ear pads and an acoustic seal to adjust to the shaper of the user’s ears.  The X headphones have an aluminum headband and swivel mechanisms that allows them to be folded for portability and storage.

Sony designed the X headphones with a removable cable and each set of the headphones ships with two different cables – one as a standard 3.5mm straight cable and the other has a three-button Apple compatible remote.  The headphones will arrive on September 15th for $299.