Singapore Soldiers Warned About Sharing Information On Facebook

Posted Mar 5, 2009

Soldiers in Singapore have been warned about the dangers of sharing photos and information about army life on Facebook.  Many Facebook groups formed by soldiers in the same unit stay in touch by sharing photographs and other information within their units.  About 17 groups within the Singapore soldiers have been found where 100-400 soldiers discuss things like social activities and training camp experiences.

“They basically talk about the dangers of ‘Facebooking,’ and how there is a risk that SAF information might fall into the hands of terrorists who might be lurking in cyberspace,” stated a soldier, 21.  The soldier did not identify his unit.  “We’ve been warned many times before not to share sensitive information on such new media platforms. But the approach now seems to be: ‘Just don”t do it.'”

It seems like the military wants to find other ways for their soldiers to communicate with each other, not involving third parties.  They want to create their own social networks.  It seems like that the military should just be trained on how to set up privacy settings on Facebook.  Only allow their friends and share information.  Those who do not have their privacy settings set up could drop and give their superior push-ups.

[via Malaysian Insider]