SingleHop is a Chicago-based IaaS startup that has partnered with AVANT

Posted Feb 4, 2014

SingleHop is an IT hosting company that is based in Chicago and was founded by Zak Boca and Dan Ushman. Boca and Usman started two businesses together. The first one grew to $16 million in sales before it was sold. The two are now known for pioneering the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) movement before turning 30. Here is their story.

Boca and Ushman met in a chat room at age 12. When the two started high school, they were running their own separate companies, but maintained their friendship even though they were long-distant. Eventually they decided to start a company together called midPhase at the ages of around 16-17 in 2003. midPhase hit over 150,000 customers within three years.

Boca and Ushman are now in their late twenties and are the co-founders of Chicago-based SingleHop. SingleHop launched in 2006 and is a provider of hosted IT infrastructure and cloud computing services. Their companies enables SMBs and major corporations with the design, deployment, and management of IT solutions. SingleHop now has over 1,000 companies using the service and has over 160,000 customers.

SingleHop has data centers in Chicago, Arizona, and The Netherlands. The company has bare metal dedicated servers, public, and private clouds. SingleHop was named as the 25th fastest-growing company in 2011 by Inc. Magazine. The company raised $27.5 million in venture funding in 2012.

SingleHop launched a service called LEAP, which is the company’s management platform that lets clients manage IT infrastructure such as bare metal servers and cloud products from a single platform. Around 60% of SingleHop’s customers are in the U.S. and 40% are international. The technology can be white-labeled so lots of customers are hosting their own companies. There are no fees for white-labeling. SingleHop also has 24/7 customer service.

SingleHop has recently partnered with AVANT Communications, a progressive agency that is focused on revolutionizing telecommunication procurement through IT and VAR channels. AVANT offers a range of complex cloud designs to wide-area network deployment.

“SingleHop is a rapidly growing company that is recognized as an industry leader in the hosting and cloud computing space. We are excited to take their broad range of hybrid cloud offerings to market through our sales channel.  We believe SingleHop is a great addition to our world class portfolio of cloud service providers,” stated Ian Kieninger, CEO of AVANT Communications.