Siri Holds On To Your Data For 2 Years

Posted Apr 19, 2013

Every time you use Siri, Apple stores that information on their servers unless you opt out. There was some concern about Siri’s privacy policy recently so Apple spokeswoman Trudy Miller revealed on Wired what happens to data that is stored.  It turns out that Apple may keep your Siri data for up to two years in an untraceable manner.

When you use Siri, your commands are uploaded to Apple’s servers. Apple assigns a random number to the command, which is associated with the voice file. This random number gets stored on the backend, not your Apple ID or e-mail.

If you turn Siri off, Apple will remove the number from your Siri files.  This completely disconnects their stored data from you.  The sound files will remain on Apple’s servers for about 18 months for testing and product improvement before it gets deleted. The voice files are simply used just to improve Siri.