Siri Will Eventually Make Its Way To Apple’s Future TV Products

Posted Dec 19, 2011

Before Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) co-founder Steve Jobs passed away, he said that he wanted to disrupt the television industry like he did with music, the MP3 player, and smartphone. Apple executives have taken Jobs’ TV plans and they are going forward with them by talking with media executives at large companies about their plans. It turns out that Siri is a big part of those TV plans.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

In at least one meeting, Apple described future television technology that would respond to users’ voices and movements, one of the people said. Such technology, which Apple indicated may take longer than some of its other ideas, might allow users to use their voices to search for a show or change channels.

Siri is voice command service built in to the iPhone 4S. You can tell Siri to create events on your calendar, send text messages to people, call people, play playlists, find e-mails by contact, find something on a search engine, update your social network status, etc.

As iPhone 4S users are using Siri, Apple is collecting millions of queries and is testing the service on many different accents. Once they have perfect the system, Apple could roll Siri out to TVs, computers, etc.