Siri Will Try To Learn Names In iOS 7

Posted Jun 26, 2013

Siri, Apple’s intelligent and virtual personal assistant, was launched a couple years ago.  Siri users noticed that the service was not the best at pronouncing names though.  When Siri is updated with the iOS 7 operating system, Siri will try to properly pronounce names.  9to5Mac reader RY discovered that Siri is going to ask for help pronouncing a name if it has trouble understanding.

You can say “That?s not how you pronounce [any name]” to Siri and then the service will try to learn the name.  Siri will ask you a few options of how it thinks you said it.  You can choose the option and it will try to save and remember how to pronounce the name.

This feature was not talked about during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.  The feature is not yet integrated on all of the tested devices yet though.  Siri also has the ability to turn on and off the LED flashlight.