SitePoint Now Known As Flippa, Users Not Keen On New Pricing Model

Posted Jun 25, 2009

SitePoint was once known to be a popular marketplace for selling online properties such as WordPress templates, e-businesses, and e-books.  SitePoint gained additional attention in a New York Times article called Find An Undervalued Asset.  Fix It Up.  Flip It.  (Now It’s Web Sites, Not Houses) [link].  Now SitePoint has renamed itself to a company called Flippa.  Flippa announced 10 new features in a blog post, including a new controversial price model.

The new price of listing a website on Flippa is $19 plus a 5% success fee with a cap of $499.  The original cost of listing websites on SitePoint was $10 flat.  All SitePoint accounts have been migrated to Flippa as a part of the rebranding.  Unsurprisingly, many people are complaining about the changes in different forums.  What does SitePoint management think of all the complainers?  Apparently they could care less.  Below is a statement from SitePoint co-founder Mark Harbottle.

Thanks for all your positive feedback guys. We appreciate it. One thing to keep in mind?Our buyers aren?t going anywhere. They are savvy business people. They don?t care about the design of the site or the fact the logo sucks (the current logo is a placeholder BTW), they simply get on with the business of buying, and we?ve made it alot easier for them to do that on

Meanwhile while you all whine and complain about the fees, the design, etc. the smart sellers are listing their sites on and they are attracting the majority of the buyer interest. They will also get the added benefit of the PR we?re about to roll out.

So, it?s totally up to you! If you want to come across to flippa and sell your site in the professional marketplace we?re creating for serious buyers, we welcome you with open arms. If not, please do go to digitalpoint. List your site for free and see if the old adage of ?you get what you pay for? applies.

[via TechCrunch/CenterNetworks]