“Skanks In NYC” Blogger Identified As Rosemary Port

Posted Aug 23, 2009

A 29 year old girl by the name of Rosemary Port (pictured left) was the author of a blog called Skanks in NYC.  The blog heavily criticized model Liskula Cohen (pictured right). On the blog, Cohen was called an “old hag” and other defamatory comments.  As a result, Cohen decided to send an injunction to Google subsidiary Blogger.com to reveal the identity of the anonymous blog writer.

Cohen won the injunction last week.  Cohen decided to tell her lawyer Steven Wagner to drop a $3 million lawsuit against Port because she was willing to let by-gones be by-gones.  “This is about forgiveness,” Cohen said. “It adds nothing to my life to hurt hers. I wish her happiness.”

Port is upset at Google for revealing her identity and felt that her privacy has been tampered with.  Port is also scared that her name is public.  The reason why Port wrote defamatory comments against Cohen is because Cohen supposedly talked negatively about Port’s boyfriend Daniel Dimin.