Microsoft Adds Automatic Photo Upload To SkyDrive iOS App

Posted Nov 22, 2013

Microsoft Corporation has added a camera back-up feature to the SkyDrive for iOS app.  The SkyDrive app has also been revamped to support a look and feel that is consistent with iOS 7.  The camera back-up feature built into the app supports both photos and videos.

“With our new camera backup feature, it?s now easier than ever to get all the photos and videos you capture on your iPhone over to your Windows PC or tablet.  You?re in the driver?s seat: You can control if uploads happen over Wi-Fi or your data network, whether photos are uploaded at original resolution or down-sampled to save space on your SkyDrive, and whether videos are included,” said Microsoft in a blog post.

The SkyDrive for iOS app also has an improved experience for the mobile version of Office Mobile for iPhone and OneNote, including the ability to edit Office documents.  Microsoft updated, which now have improved Facebook integration.  When you are using Office Mobile to select a recent doc from SkyDrive, you can open it directly in Office Mobile or OneNote instead of the Quicklook viewer.  After making edits, you can save the changes back to SkyDrive.

[Download SkyDrive from iTunes]