Skyfire 1.5 Gets Released With VGA Screen Support, Smooth Scrolling, and Friendlier UI

Posted Dec 9, 2009

Skyfire is still easily my favorite web browser for Windows Mobile and Symbian. The Skyfire browser is still the only one that supports Adobe Flash 10 and Microsoft Silverlight along with other PC media formats. Today Skyfire 1.5 has been released to provide better support for touchscreen phones. Skyfire 1.5 is more aesthetically pleasing than previous versions as well. Some of the new Skyfire features include:

1. VGA Screen Support – Supports VGA (640×480 resolution) and WVGA (800×480 resolution).
2. Smooth Scrolling – The screen will scroll a little bit longer based on finger gestures instead of stopping after you finger leaves the screen.
3. Full Screen Mode – There is a way to hide the navigation icons giving the user the full screen experience.
4. Touch-Friendly – A lot of the icons and have been made bigger so that you don’t need a stylus for the touch experience.
5. Auto-move text entry – Tapping on a text field will re-orient the screen to increase visibility.
6. Support for Flash 10 and Silverlight – Latest versions of Flash and Silverlight are supported
7. Improved speed – Speed and stability have increased.

The aforementioned features are only supported for Windows Mobile Skyfire users only. Symbian will get Skyfire 1.5 very soon.

Skyfire Mobile Browser 1.5 – Windows Mobile from Skyfirelabs on Vimeo.