Skyfire 3.0 Hits Android With An Added Social Networking Element

Posted Nov 23, 2010

Mobile browser company Skyfire has released a third version for Android. Skyfire gained popularity very quickly after bringing Flash to the iPhone and iPad. Skyfire converts Flash to HTML5 on-the-fly when browsing on the iOS. Skyfire 3.0 for Android has a new feature called “Skyfire bar.”

The Skyfire bar has icons that is at the bottom of the browser. On that bar, you can “like” any page that you visit and share it on Facebook. You can also tweet or e-mail the page that you are looking at.

Two other popular Skyfire bar features include “Fireplace Feed Reader” and “Popular Content.” Fireplace Feed Reader shows links, images, and videos that were posted by your Facebook friends. And the popular content feature takes a look at the website you are looking at and shows you the most recently shared content from that website.

Whenever this feature is added to the iPhone, I am buying Skyfire right away. These sound like slick features. If you have downloaded the Android Skyfire app, let us know how you like it in the comments.