SkyFire Made Close To $1 Million In Opening Weekend Of Apple App Store

Posted Nov 11, 2010

Earlier this month SkyFire launched an iPhone application but had to quickly remove it because their servers was getting slammed. SkyFire launched the application again this past weekend and sales soared past $1 million as a result.

Although SkyFire did not reveal their revenues directly, they sent MobileCrunch their download numbers. SkyFire said that they sold well over 300,000 downloads. With a price of $2.99 per download, that means that SkyFire pulled in nearly $900,000. Of that number, Apple took a 30% cut as they do from all developers.

The unique feature behind SkyFire is that they allow you to view websites that have Flash content. SkyFire converts websites with Flash into HTML5 on-the-fly. As you know, Apple does not allow you to view any content powered by Adobe Flash on any web browser. You can download the app from here [iTunes link]