Skype 1.1 Gets Released On iPhone, No Push Yet

Posted Jul 1, 2009

Skype for the iPhone was released back in April and now the application has been updated.  The new version of the Skype iPhone application allows users to send SMS messages and check voicemail.  One of the desired features that are lacking in the newest version of the application is push notifications.

“Skype iPhone is kinda useless with no push notifications so 1.1 still kinda useless. Why even include IM capability without it, what are people supposed to do – send me an email that we should skype chat?” wrote a commenter on the Skype Blog.

Push notifications are the ability to inform the iPhone there are incoming messages and incoming calls without the need for the application to be running at the time.  AOL has successfully implemented this feature for their AOL Instant Messenger software on the iPhone.

“We?re concentrating on providing the very best experience possible on the iPhone. Your feedback is important ? it?s why we?ve included SMS and voicemail in this release. But we can?t do everything at once, unfortunately,” wrote Skype blogger Peter Parkes.