Skype 6.2 Now Has eGifting and A Toolbar

Posted Feb 13, 2013

Skype has updated to version 6.2 for Windows and Mac.  The Microsoft subsidiary and VoIP service has released features like a new toolbar and eGifting.  When Skype users receive notifications for a friend’s birthday, they can send credit as a gift to those friends.  The credit can be used by the friend to make calls.

In Skype version 6.2, the company launched a new toolbar that is located above the contacts list in the software.  The toolbar can be used as a central location for actions like calling your home, calling contacts, creating groups, and adding contacts.  In version 6.2, Skype made it possible to send an instant messaging using the CTRL+Enter buttons.  Lastly Several bugs have been fixed in this version.