Skype Handles Around 2 Billion Minutes Of Connections Per Day

Posted Apr 3, 2013

Skype has announced today that they have hit a new major milestone, which is that they are now hitting 2 billion minutes of connections per day.  One of the contributing factors that led to this milestone was that Microsoft shut-down Windows Live Messenger to focus on Skype.

The two billion minutes included in this figure are all forms of communication conducted through Skype including VoIP, text messages, video voicemail, and audio calls.  Back in June 2005, Skype hit around 10 billion monthly video and audio calls.  

Today Skype is hitting that number every 3-4 days through their iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and the Amazon Kindle Fire apps.

“2 billion minutes is a testament to our users who are making Skype the everyday communications hub that brings people together. This massive amount of connection ? enough time to watch 1.6 million movies ? is also a testament to the hard work of our product teams who have enabled these great experiences,” stated Skype Chief Marketing Officer Elisa Steele.