Skype Hit 45 Million Concurrent Users

Posted Oct 14, 2012

Microsoft subsidiary Skype recently turned 9 years old.  Last week Skype, the popular VoIP service, hit a speak of over 45 million concurrent users.  Skype hit a 70% increase in 2012.  Not bad considering that they saw 30% growth in 2011.  Skype added 3 million active concurrent users in a single month and the company saw 8% month-on-month increase.  In June 2012, Skype reached 250 million connected users per month.

Skype went live on Windows Phone this past February.  In June Skype reported 70 million Android downloads.  Comcast is offering Skype on their Xfinity-connected TV platform.  Skype also had an iPhone app since March 2009, which explains the company’s rapid growth.