Skype Offering 1 Free Month Of Calling To Cellphones and Landlines Worldwide

Posted Nov 15, 2012

Although Skype-to-Skype calls are free, the company charges you to make calls to other landlines or mobile phones overseas.  Skype’s phone calls are much cheaper than what the traditional landline companies charge you though.  The good news is that Skype is giving away a full month of unlimited calling to mobile devices and landline locations for free.

The phone calls are not limited to your contact list either.  However you will not be able to chat for too long per phone call and satellite numbers are not eligible.  You will need to claim your free month by today and will need to qualify as being an existing Skype customer for at least the last month.

You will also need to provide payment details if you decide to use paid services beyond the promotional period.  People that live in Russia, China, Taiwan, and Korea are not eligible for the promotion.  Calls to wireless and landline include Canada, Guam, Hong Kong S.A.R. China, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Thailand and United States.

Landlines can only be called in the following countries:

– Argentina

– Australia

– Austria

– Belgium

– Chile

– Croatia

– Czech Republic

– Denmark

– Estonia

– Finland

– France

– Germany

– Greece

– Hungary

– Ireland

– Israel

– Italy

– Japan

– South Korea

– Luxembourg

– Malaysia

– Netherlands

– New Zealand

– Norway

– Poland

– Portugal

– Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg only)

– Slovakia

– Spain

– Sweden

– Switzerland

– Taiwan

– United Kingdom

– Venezuela