Skype Opens A Third Party App Directory

Posted Aug 25, 2011

Skype has launched a new app cloud directory that allows users to access third-party Skype apps for businesses and consumers to purchase. These apps are built on top of Skype’s APIs.  Skype sorted the apps into groups by its genre and by the type of download it is like paid top downloaded free apps and top paid. Skype provides a landing page for each app, which shows the release date, screenshots, features, star ratings, etc.

Skype head of global web stores Ash Valeski said that there is an emphasis on the SkypeKit SDK. The Skype app currently has 23 apps featured. Valeski said that in the future, Skype will allow users to buy apps using Skype Credits. Currently in the Windows version of Skype, you will be able to access the app directory under Tools. It will be added to the Mac version soon.

[Skype App Directory]