Slacktory Translates Facebook’s Terms of Service into English You Actually Want to Read

Posted Aug 11, 2011

Facebook’s Terms of Service are a tedious and ever-changing document that most people agree to without ever reading. Slacktory has re-written the entire document in “a more familiar vernacular (with a lot of swearing).”

For instance, Facebook’s words on Payments and Deals:

1. If you make a payment on Facebook or use Facebook Credits, you agree to our Payment Terms. 2. If you purchase a Deal, you agree to our Deals Terms. 3. If you provide a Deal or partner with us to provide a Deal, you agree to the Merchant Deal Terms in addition to any other agreements you may have with us.

Slacktory’s words on Payments and Deals:

If you use Facebook to complete a transaction, you agree to let us control a whole bunch more shit, including pretty much every aspect of that transaction you can possibly imagine. It’s, uh, it’s for your own safety.

The Slacktory bro translation is hilarious, but it’s still a ToS, which means that it’s still long and you still might not read all of it. But you’ll definitely read more than you did of the original. [via Gizmodo]