Slashdot Co-Founder Rob “CmdrTaco” Malda Steps Down

Posted Aug 25, 2011

Rob “CmdrTaco” Malda has stepped down from Slashdot is a website where stories get submitted and the community vote up whether it is noteworthy or not. Slashdot was the original user-submitted news website that inspired other websites such as Digg and Reddit. Below is what Malda wrote on a blog post about his departure from the company:

After 14 years and over 15,000 stories posted, it’s finally time for me to say Good-Bye to Slashdot. I created this place with my best friends in a run down house while still in college. Since then it has grown to be read by more than a million people, and has served Billions and Billions of Pages (yes, in my head I hear the voice). During my tenure I have done my best to keep Slashdot firmly grounded in its origins, but now it’s time for someone else to come aboard and find the *future*. Personally I don’t have any plans, but if you need to get ahold of me for any reason, you can find me as @cmdrtaco on twitter or Rob Malda on Google+. You could also update my mail address to be malda at cmdrtaco dot net. Hit the link below if you want to read some nostalgic saccharine crap that I need to get out of my system before I sign off for the last time.

Slashdot sold to Andover in 1999. Here is how Malda described that experience:

As my little hobby became a full blown business, it became clear that we needed help. The burden of running Sales and Marketing and HR it was to much for us. Slashdot was sold to Andover in ’99. Since Slashdot was founded, my business card has read Blockstackers, Andover,, VA Linux Systems, VA Software, OSDN, OSTG, SourceForge, and finally Geeknet. My title has changed several times: from my first card which read “Lies and Misinformation”, until today when my title read “Editor-in-Chief of”. During that entire time, my job has been some version of the same thing: Make Slashdot Great. I always did my best, and I’d like to think that I got it right more often than not.

In the last 14 years, Slashdot has covered so many amazing events: The explosion of Linux. The rise of Google. The return of Apple. The Dot Com Bubble. The DMCA. 9/11. Wars. Elections. Numerous successful Shuttle Launches and one Disaster. Scientific Breakthroughs galore. Cool toys. Web2.0! Social Networking. Blogging! Podcasting! Micro-Blogging! The Lord of the Rings being filmed and an entire trilogy of new Star Wars. OMG Ponies!! So many moments that I could run this paragraph for hours with moments where we shared something important, meaningful, or just stupid. But the most important to me was my marriage proposal to Kathleen. Slashdot has posted Over 114,000 stories so far. And there will be many more to come. I just won’t be the one picking them.

Malda is going to leave the fate of Slashdot to Geeknet executives, including Jeff Drobick. CmdrTaco will lose the ability to submit stories as part of the resignation. Going forward Malda is going to take some time off to spend time with his kids and wife and read books. He is considering writing a book of his own too.