Slate Rolls Out New Women’s Blog Double X

Posted May 17, 2009

Double X is a new website made for women and is written primarily by women.  Double X is actually a spin-off from a group blog that was on called The XX Factor, named after woman’s pair of X chromosomes.  Double X features content such as news and politics, arts, work, kids and parenting, health and science, etc.

Some of the editors include Meghan O’Rourke, Hanna Rosin, and Emily Bazelon.  ?Women?s magazines never get it quite right,? stated O?Rourke. ?It seemed like an opportune moment to jump in and lead the conversation.?  Slate editor in chief Jacob Weisberg agreed to allow the XX Factor to spin off since it was already performing very well.  The managing editor of Double X is Jessica Grose, a former editor at Gawker blog Jezebel.

Double X has a 40% male audience which they hope to retain by hiring several men to contribute essays about fatherhood.  Slate also recently launched websites that focus on finance (The Big Money) and news and opinion for African-Americans (The Root).