SmileBox Now Supports Macs

Posted Jun 24, 2008

SmileBox Inc. is a photo sharing website that has greeting cards, slideshows, and scrapbook features driven by user submitted photos.  SmileBox announced today that they are now support Mac’s iPhoto.  Using SmileBox, Mac users will be able to take their pictures on iPhoto, glitter it up with SmileBox designs, and then embed it into their blogs and social network pages.   

“We look forward to welcoming the Mac community to Smilebox. It is a natural extension of the Macintosh application experience and it will provide Mac users with a whole new way to connect and communicate,” stated Andrew Wright, founder/CEO of Smilebox, Inc. “Smilebox for Mac truly extends what Mac users can do with iPhoto and iTunes, making it easy for them to combine their photos, videos and music and share them in creative new ways.”

Smilebox is supported on OS X Tiger and Mac OS X Leopard.  Smilebox works on iPhoto, iTunes, and Photo Booth.  The interface is based around drag+drop.  Smilebox sells premium services a la carte ($1.99 to $3.99), monthly ($4.99), and annual ($39.99).

The download is available for free.

The Numbers
Over 3.3 million people have installed the SmileBox application on their desktop.  The site receives 2.6 million monthly unique visitors.  The Smilebox catalog has about 700 designs from Hallmark, Making Memories, Madison Park Greetings, K & Company, etc.

Management & Funding
The founder and president of SmileBox is Andrew Wright.  Wright is the VP of Games at RealNetworks.  Wright is a former Product Unit Manager at Microsoft Corporation.  Smilebox previously raised a total of $12 million in funding from:

  • Bessemer Venture Partners,
  • Frazier Technology Ventures,
  • Rob Burgess (former Chairman, Macromedia Inc.),
  • Paula Chen Su (VP of Design & Marketing, Making Memories Inc.),
  • Rob Glaser (CEo, RealNetworks Inc.),
  • Jonathan Gay (former CTO, Macromedia Inc.),
  • Garr Godfrey (Founder and General Manager, Gamehouse),
  • Peter J. Goldie, (former VP, Macromedia Inc.)
  • Stuart Lombard (Principal, John Albright Venture Partners),
  • Mark Surfas (Founder, GameSpy Industries),
  • Paul Thelen (CEO, Big Fish Games),
  • Richard Wolpert (President, Chance Technologies, Inc.),
  • and Susan Wright (Managing Partner, Compass Partners, LLC).