Smule Launches A Social Network Called Smule Nation

Posted Oct 1, 2013

Smule is a company that is known for developing many of today’s popular music applications like Ocarina, Magic Piano, and I Am T-Pain.  Smule is turning their website into a music social network called Smule Nation.

Now if a user wants to share their performance, they have to do it within the apps themselves.  Smule will be highlighting the best performances on all of their apps.  Performers can set up their own profile pages and they can be followed.  Sharing content is as simple as tapping on a link-sharing feature.

Smule previously had a social website with very basic features, but this is now a fully scaled social network with app synchronization.  The Sing! Karaoke app is seeing over 20,000 songs per hour and Magic Piano is hitting over 50,000.  Smule said that over 125 million users have shared more than 1 billion songs.

[Source/Image Credit: TechCrunch]