Snapchat gets updated with a Replay feature and filters

Posted Dec 22, 2013

The Snapchat iOS app has been updated to include several new services such as photo filters and “smart filters” that has the current time and temperature. Another feature that has been added it Replay.

“We just decided as a holiday present to the Snapchat community that we would put out a couple things we thought were fun,” stated Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel in an interview with The Verge.

The filters are activated by going to the app’s settings and scrolling to “Additional Services.” Tap on ‘manage’ and you will see visual filters and smart filters. After enabling them, take a photo, and wait for the image to show up. Swipe to pick a filter. There is even a filter that shows your speed, which may be relevant if you are sitting in a car.

The Replay feature lets you watch one snap per day for a second time. The message is still deleted from Snapchat’s servers after the first play. However, you still get two chances to watch the video if you did not see it the first time.

A couple of other updates includes text and group snaps. The updated version of Snapchat lets you caption photos. There is also an option to add up to seven people for your snaps.