Snappli Raises $1 Million To From Greylock, Index, and Klauss Hommels

Posted Sep 5, 2012

Many carriers are dropping unlimited plans for their customers and are throttling people’s bandwidth on mobile devices.  Snappli has raised $1 million in funding from investors including Greylock Partners, Index Ventures, and Klauss Hommels.  ?The thing about web data is that no matter how bad you think it is now, it?s only going to get worse,? says Snappli co-founder Roy Tuvey.

Snappli’s iOS app is no longer in beta and is available in the App Store.  Tuvey said that an Android app will soon be available.  Snappli’s service speeds up downloads and reduces the data usage by routing all of your iPhone traffic through their own servers.  Snappli even compresses data (even video) and bundles HTTP requests into one.

Snappli also has data usage monitoring including a break-down of which websites and apps are using the most data so you can change around your usage.  The website can also filter potentially harmful websites.

Roy and his brother Eldar Tuvey previously founded ScanSafe, a web service that helps protect people from viruses and malware by screening web traffic by routing it through a proxy service.  ScanSafe sold to Cisco for $183 million in 2009.