Snooth Uncorks A Million

Posted Nov 28, 2007

Snooth is “the world’s most comprehensive wine database, featuring millions of reviews and hundreds of thousands of wines [Snooth: About us].”

The word Snooth used as a transitive verb means:
1. to seek out a preferable wine, as like a snooth (“I say, snooth the wine list while I choose an appetizer.”)
2. to uncover details of a specific wine (“Snooth this Chianti Classico for me, would you?”)

Snooth raised about $1 million in a second round of angel funding. Snooth’s first round of seed funding was roughly $300,000. The company allows users to write and read reviews on wine. Wine can also be purchased from third-party vendors through Snooth. The wine social network also has a built-in search to find wine based on taste, year, and varietal.

Philip James started Snooth in 2006. James is a former an Exec VP at Wine Messenger and also spent 3 years working in Technology Investment Banking at Merrill Lynch.