Social Gaming Network (SGN) Acquires Mob Science

Posted Jun 13, 2013

Social Gaming Network (SGN) is a cross-platform social gaming company that has acquired Mob Science.  Mob Science is a mobile gamine company that has built a few popular games.  Based in Los Angeles, SGN announced the deal to buy Mob Science today, but the terms of the deal was undisclosed.

?Mob Science is a proven game development company with collectively over 75 years of experience in top-tier social game creation,? stated SGN CEO Chris DeWolfe.  ?Both SGN and Mob Science stand for quality, enabling us to continue our strategic growth and market expansion.?  DeWolfe is also known for being a co-founder at MySpace.

Mob Science received an investment early on from Zynga.  Zynga was not named publicly as an investor, but they participated in Mob Science’s $1 million seed round.  SGN is going to be adding 11 of Mob Science’s full time staff members to their team of over 80.

SGN will also gain ownership to around a dozen games or so.  SGN will gain around 50 million users.  SGN also recently hired several executives from Zynga, LucasArts, Storm 8, and Playtika.