Social Media Browser Flock Does Battle With RockMelt With New Version

Posted Nov 30, 2010

Flock is a social media browser that is facing some competition with a new browser called RockMelt. Flock has intensified their competition with RockMelt by increasing the speed of their browser and enhancing its functionality in version 3.5. Flock 3.5’s sidebar has Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn integration and there are link-sharing features built-in.

The new version of Flock also lets you group friends across different services and there is a “Social Search” that lets you find out what your friends are saying about the keywords you enter. Flock is now upgraded from Chromium 5 by building the browser off of Chromium 7. Flock’s Mac browser is now built on Chromium, making it faster than before. The last Flock Mac browser version was built on Gecko.