Social Media Is Going Nuts Over Tiger Woods

Posted Nov 29, 2009

When asking someone who they think is one of the most successful athletes in the world, the first name that will come is Tiger Woods. Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods has been the epitome of a successful athlete since he started golfing professionally in 1996.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, a mysterious incident with Tiger Woods occurred and the world of social media gobbled up the news story like it was turkey and mashed potatoes. Mainly because a good amount of time has passed since something interesting happened with a high profile athlete. If you plug in the words “Tiger Woods” on the Twitter search engine, you will notice several new tweets about him every few seconds.

After doing a search on Twitter, I checked Google News to see how many publications were writing about him over the weekend: over 7,127.

The incident was that Tiger Woods had supposedly crashed his car into a fire hydrant and then into a tree over the weekend. People in the media were speculating that at accident took place because the two were arguing over an affair. Mark NeJame will be representing Tiger for all litigation purposes related to this incident.

The affair argument is speculated to be about Rachel Uchitel, whom Tiger Woods allegedly had an affair with. According to NowPublic, Rachel Uchitel (pictured below) is a 34 year old that is notorious for dating married celebrities shortly after losing her fiance during 9/11.

Whatever happens next is a big mystery for all of us, but I’m sure the case will be fleshed out at a rapid pace with the assistance of social media.