Social Media Is Up 230% Since 2007 [REPORT]

Posted Jun 28, 2010

A report created by Simmons New Media reveals that social media use is up 230% since 2007.  Now two-thirds of Americans use Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other social media websites every single day. This is up from 20% in 2007. Of the number of Americans visiting social media websites every day, 43% visit social media websites multiple times per day.  Multiple visits are up about 28% compared to last year.

“Whether it?s keeping in touch with others, playing games, debating politics or any of the other reasons people use social networking sites, it cannot be denied that there?s a sense of addictiveness to it all. Visiting social networking sites multiple times a day is up 28% over last year, while less frequent visits are down across the board,” stated The 2010 Social Networking Report.