Social Networking as a Business Strategy

Posted Jun 27, 2011

The evolution of technology often moves from business use to casual consumers’ daily lives, but social media tends to move in the opposite direction. Social networking is now becoming company policy, reports the New York Times, through internal social networks specific to the workplace. Microscope company Nikon Instruments and computer security company Symantec both have internal social networks, used by employees to handle company business?inter-office memos have entered the 21st century.

The sites are restricted to business etiquette, and employees are expected to treat the pages as an extension of their professional personas. Most companies work with network providers like Salesforce Chatter or Yammer that create sites for the companies. Some internal social networks have been shut down as potential breaches of security. Many employees don’t really use the networks they’re provided with. The potential of internal social networks is obviously huge, though; the ability to use a chat in a group to work out sales strategies or coordinate times for real-life meetings is definitely a step toward the future.