Social Networks Creators On Ning Can Add Apps For All Users

Posted May 13, 2009

Ning recently hit 1 million created social networks.  How many of those that are actually active is a question mark, but now social network creators can add applications to the profiles of anyone that joins their networks.  Those users will automatically see the applications which beats the setup that Ning had before.  Prior to this feature, users had to find applications on their own and manually add them.

Some of the applications include Ticketmaster, Live Nation, Amiando, Cartfly, etc.  Ning often times shares the revenue of the applications with the developers.

Ning adds about 85,000 to 100,000 registered users per day, mainly through already-registered users inviting each other.  There is a total number of about 24 million registered users.  Last year Ning’s valuation was raised to about $500 million after raising $60 million.  This was around the same time that Facebook’s valuation was estimated to be about $15 billion.  What the company is valuated at today is a mystery.

[via VentureBeat]