Socialcam Raises Funding From 46 Angel Investors

Posted Apr 30, 2012

Socialcam is an iPhone app that spun off of video sharing website last year as part of Y Combinators winter 2012 class. Socialcam has raised seed funding from 46 well known angel investors. Socialcam’s fiercest competitor is Viddy. They have been fighting back and forth as the top Photo & Video app recently. Socialcam has reportedly surpassed the 20 million user mark. Below is a list of all of the investors involved as compiled by TechCrunch.

Brian Chesky ? CEO, Airbnb
Jonathan Abrams ? Partner, Founders Den
Jason Johnson ? Partner, Founders Den
Zachary Bogue ? Partner, Founders Den
Michael Levit ? Partner, Founders Den
Jeff Kapel ? Assistant Coach, Duke Basketball
Ari Emmanuel & Jason Lublin – WME
Trajan Langdon ? Retired NBA Basketball Player
Yuri Milner & Felix Shpilman ? Startfund
Troy Carter & Allison Streuter ? Atom Factory
SV Angel ? Ron, David, Kevin, Topher, Robert
Crunchfund ? Michael, MG, Patrick
Paul Buchheit ? Inventor of Gmail, Founder FriendFeed, Partner Y-Combinator
Garry Tan ? Partner Y-Combinator, Co-Founder Posterous
Alexis Ohanian ? Partner Y-Combinator, Co-Founder Reddit
Harj Taggar ? Partner Y-Combinator, Co-Founder Auctomatic
Paul Graham ? Co-founder Y-Combinator
Jessica Livingston ? Partner Y-Combinator
Tim Draper ? Draper Associates
Stewart Alsop ? Alsop Louie
Erik Moore ? Angel investor in Zappos
Justin Kan ? Co-Founder EXEC, Co-Founder
Emmett Shear ? CEO & Co-Founder
Kyle Vogt ? Co-Founder
Matt Ocko ? Angel Investor
A-Grade Investments ? Ashton Kutcher, Guy Oseary, and Chris Hollod
Ronny Conway ? Andreessen Horowitz
Justin Caldbeck ? Lightspeed
Shervin Pishevar ? Menlo Ventures
Laurene Powell Jobs & Stacey Rubin ? Emerson Collective
Ram Shiram ? Sherpalo, Angel Investor in Google
Shane Battier ? NBA Basketball player, Miami Heat
Michael Rapino & Michael Abrams ? Live Nation