SoftBank CEO Highlights 4G Experience As Part Of Sprint Deal Talks

Posted May 8, 2013

During a carrier event in Tokyo, SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son introduced a new line of phones that the carrier will be supporting this summer.  He also used the event as a platform for discussing why SoftBank would be a better owner for Sprint than Dish Network.  Son pointed out that SoftBank has improved their networks by adding interference-reducing single frequency network (SFN) technology.  This helps improve transfer speed and signal quality, which would be beneficial for Sprint.

In the last couple of weeks, there has been some back-and-forth bickering between Dish Network chairman Charlie Ergen and SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son.  Son said that Dish’s deal was “ridiculous” and “incomplete” while Ergen said that SoftBank’s deal is a lower price and would not be good for national security.  Ergen also said that SoftBank does not have the ?existing in-market infrastructure?

Son also pointed out that the synergies between Sprint and SoftBank are many.  This includes the compatibility of SoftBank’s network with the 2.5GHz TD-LTE spectrum that Sprint is going to acquire from Clearwire.  According to Son, the “SoftBank 4G” TD-LTE service is the first time in the world that this transmission method has been employed for commercial use and SoftBank is already doing it on a large scale.

Son emphasized that by having TD-LTE deployed, Sprint would be able to quickly and efficiently use their new spectrum.  “The partner that?s able to make best use of it is clearly SoftBank,” said Son.